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Motorscrubber Mini-Scrubber & Motorscrubber Accessories

Topmost Chemical is your Motorscrubber Resource!

We stock the industry's most popular mini-scrubber — Motorscrubber. It's high torque motor delivers a cleaning strength of 354 brush rpm. The brushes have a scrubbing width of 7.5 inches to fit into super small spaces.

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Motorscrubber cleaning tileMOTORSCRUBBER STARTER KIT

Our Motorscrubber Starter Kit includes: Motorhead complete with hub, backpack harness, 12 volt battery, battery charger, telescopic handle, medium duty brush, pad holder, green scrubbing pad, red cleaning pad, white buffing pad, and microfiber pad.

MSRP: $570

Motorscrubber pads


Motorscrubber brushes


Motorscrubber accessories


Motorscrubber EnvirOx

Recommended Cleaner


We carry a variety of Motorscrubber pads for a variety of jobs. Not sure which pad to use? Give us a call at 800.400.1928 for guidance.

Training Dilution Control Systems Janitor Training Floor Machines Floor pad education Custodial Training Floor Maintenance Custodian Training Floor Restoration

Pad Holder (MS1046)
Velcro drive plate for attaching all Motorscrubber pads

Black Stripping Pad (MS1080)
For stripping floor polish

Green Scrubbing Pad (MS1062)
For floor scrub cleaning

Blue Cleaning Pad (MS1069)
For general floor and stair cleaning

Red Spray Cleaning Pad (MS1064)
Polishes floors and stairs

White Buffing Pad Microfiber Pad      

White Dry Buffing Pad (MS1066)
Dry buffs floors and stairs

Microfibre Pad (MS1053)
For glass, mirror and carpet spot cleaning

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Medium Duty brush Tile and Grout Brush Aggressive Duty Brush Aggressive Duty Splash Guard Delicate Brush

Medium Duty Cleaning Brush (MS1041)
Cleans all smooth and textured floors and tiles

Tile & Grout Brush (MS1039TG)
abrasive filaments for deep cleaning tiles

Aggressive Duty Cleaning Brush (MS1039P)
Ideal for dirty concrete and exterior surfaces

Anti-Splash Aggressive Duty Brush (MS1039SG)
All the features of MS1038 plus an extra black ring to keep solution insdie the brush

Delicate Surface Cleaning Brush (MS1038)
Ideal for cleaning carpets, painted and wooden surfaces

    Flagged Tip Delicate Dusting Brush    



Flagged Tip Long Bristle Brush (MS1044)
Very delicate, ideal for dusting air vents or for vehicle cleaning

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Motorscrubber Storage Bag Motorscrubber Carry Bag EnvirOx    
Accessory Bag (MS3060)
The perfect place to store all you pads and brushes

Carry Bag (MS 3065)
Easy carry case for the Motorscrubber with inner storage pockets for pads and brushes.

Chemical Recommendation
We recommend the use of EnvirOx cleaning chemicals for use with Motorscrubber, particularly for grout renovation (H2O2 Orange Tile & Grout Renovator)

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